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Our Top 10 DIY Improvements that

Net the Highest ROI at Resale


1. Paint a fresh perspective

Why It Adds Value: Fresh paint can make spaces look clean, modern, and well-maintained, which appeals to potential buyers.

How to Do It: Choose neutral colors to attract a broad audience such as whites and neutral pale greys. Ensure proper prep work like cleaning the walls and taping off edges for a professional finish.


2. Put some serious thought into curb appeal

Why It Adds Value: 74% of prospective buyers will drive by your property before they think about viewing it; half will do it at night. You want your home to feel inviting, warm, and well kept. First impressions are crucial, and well-kept lawns and gardens can significantly increase your home’s attractiveness.

How to Do It: Do the basics such as: Trim shrubs, plant seasonal flowers, add mulch, and keep the lawn mowed and edged. Then to add some uniqueness, think about a house number sign that helps the house stand apart. One of our favorites is simply installing a new mailbox. This boosts curb appeal and can be done in a few hours.


3. Modernize in Your Kitchen & Bathrooms

Why it Adds Value: The kitchen is the most important and most-used room in the house. It buyers fall in love here, they will compromise other items on their must-have list. Bathrooms are the second-most important space in the house. Dark brown cabinets or outdated hardware can make an entire room look dated. New paint, knobs, handles, and faucets can refresh the space.

How to Do It: It's easier than you'd think: change the lighting to something new and bright, paint your dark cabinets light, update hardware for something more on trend. Choose modern, high-quality pieces that match the existing decor and finish. Install them using basic tools.


4. Get Smart

Why It Adds Value: Considering making your thermostat smart. Energy-efficient homes are increasingly popular, and smart thermostats offer both cost savings and convenience. Even one simple change to smart can make your home feel more updated.

How to Do It: Nest is a reputable brand with easy to follow instructions for installing. Follow manufacturer instructions to replace your old thermostat. Ensure compatibility with your HVAC system.


5. Bring the inside out

Why It Adds Value: Outdoor living spaces are desirable for entertaining and relaxation.

How to Do It: Pressure-wash existing decks or patios, re-stain or seal the wood, and add some basic outdoor furniture to create a welcoming atmosphere.


6. Get "Faucinated"

Why It Adds Value: Update your showerheads and faucets. New fixtures can make a bathroom look more luxurious and modern. It's an easy fix and you can enjoy it while you are still there!

How to Do It: Swap out old showerheads for new water-efficient models and replace dated faucets.


7. Shed some light.

Why It Adds Value: Proper lighting can accentuate the best features of your home and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

How to Do It: Choose fixtures that complement each room’s style and functionality. Ensure you turn off electricity before any installations. Make sure every light bulb is energy-efficient (or consider smart bulbs), and at the highest wattage the light fixture will allow. Give all fixtures a deep clean for maximum sparkle.


8. Get to Work

Why It Adds Value: Add in a home office space. With remote work becoming more common, a well-designed home office space can be a big selling point.

How to Do It: Choose a quiet area of the home, away from distractions. If you don't have a spare room, consider converting a corner of a larger room. Keep it simple in terms of furniture with a desk, chair, non-cluttered book shelf or end table. Consider a chair for reading as well. For decor, personalize the space with paint, artwork, and other decorations that inspire productivity and creativity, but try to keep it neutral enough to appeal to future buyers.


9. The Floor is Lava

Why It Adds Value: Hopefully your floors aren't lava! But Hardwood floors are highly sought-after due to their durability and timeless look. Buyers will look specifically for hardwood floors over carpet. This will cost more than most of the list but the value it brings back is tremendous.

How to Do It: Sand down existing floors and re-stain them or install prefinished hardwood. Note that this task can be more challenging and may require specialized tools. Consider lighter floor colors as they tend to open up and brighten dark or small spaces.


10. Show off your Storage

Why It Adds Value: Add storage to your garage. Well-organized storage can make your garage look much larger and more functional.

How to Do It: Start by cleaning out and declutter your garage. Install shelving units or even a simple pegboard for tools to store your items. Do not over-clutter your storage. It should be no more than 50% full.



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